Trippie Redd’s newest album ‘Pegasus’ is unexpected

Trippie Redd's newest album

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Trippie Redd’s newest album “Pegasus” features many artists, such as Lil Wayne, Rich the Kid and Quavo.

Vidhi Patel, Staff Writer

Trippie Redd’s “Pegasus” album has been released, and while many songs were already leaked months before, some awaited its full release. However, despite its length, it was not much to look forward to. The album may have had gems, but like its promotions, the album was somewhat lacking. 

When I first listened to Trippie Redd as a freshman in high school, I wanted to fit in with every other high schooler listening to rap music. I ended up actually enjoying his four “A Love Letter to You” albums, but it has been a while since I listened to some of his music.

I decided to give his newest album, “Pegasus,” released Oct. 30, 2020, a try. On Halloween, a day after his initial release, he released “Pegasus (Spooky Sounds Edition).” The former album consists of 26 songs and the latter 32 audios, his longest album so far. 

His album cover included–to no surprise–an image of him. All of his past albums’ covers include an image of him, whether a picture or cartoonish image. “The Pegasus” cover consists of Trippie Redd in the middle, naked except for nude underwear. This is most likely to not detract attention from the Pegasus behind him. The background is in space, suggesting otherworldly music, but I could count the number of the songs on this album that fit this aesthetic on one hand.

When I initially listened to the album, a few songs–whether I saved them for future reference or remembered to avoid–did stick out to me.

The second song, “Moonlight,” fits the aesthetic of his album cover perfectly in my opinion. Even the title fits the description. The song gave me a sense of serenity, which fit with the peacefulness and otherworldly feeling that came with the album cover.

Redd’s fifth song on the album, “Excitement,” features PARTYNEXTDOOR. This song has been a hit, especially among TikTok users. It is known for the line “You get me so excited.” After listening to it fully for the first time, I enjoyed it. It has definitely become a favorite. The constant beat and shift in tones excite the listener.

“Pegasus,” the eighth song of the album, was definitely not one of my favorites. The beat was similar to the other songs, but the lyrics were not the best, nor were they catchy. It was a letdown, especially with the high hopes that came along with it having the same title as the entire album.

Now, I must give “No Honorable Mention,” featuring Lil Mosey and Quavo, an honorable mention. Trippie Redd’s verses were a bit repetitive, but due to the features, the song is a hit.

I cannot say that I enjoyed any of the extra sounds from the “Spooky Sounds Edition.” The sounds are definitely interesting, but they are exactly as the names suggest; “Growl” is repetitive growling, and “Laugh” is a minute of maniacal laughter.

The first time around, I did not enjoy much of the album, but after listening to some of it again, I had second thoughts about my original opinions. The album does have a few good songs, but they are overridden by the songs that aren’t as favorable. The music suggested by the album cover is scarce, and the entire album does not flow well together. Still, some of the music is enjoyable. I could see myself adding a few songs to my playlist, but listening to the album again is not something I see doing.