Annual parents’ day held virtually


Kate McElhinney

Esther McElhinney (mother of Kate McElhinney) logs onto Zoom to participate in Parents’ Day.

Kate McElhinney, News Editor

In somewhat of a backwards version of “bring your kids to work day,” parents spent their Saturday morning gaining deeper insight into the life of students at MSMS. Although the event was held virtually, Parents’ Day 2020 allowed parents to meet teachers and understand more about their children’s schedules.

Held on Aug. 22, Parents’ Day offered an opportunity for parents to rotate through their child’s schedule via Zoom calls. Umar Iqbal, father to senior Muneebah Umar, felt that the event successfully showcased the hard work of faculty members.

“MSMS put so much hard work into the event,” Iqbal said. “I’m so grateful that my daughter’s teachers are still putting their best effort despite the situation.”

While senior parents had the opportunity to attend Parents’ Day last year and sit in classrooms with teachers, junior parents are getting first looks at academic life at MSMS. Kayla Riley’s mother, Angela Riley, appreciated MSMS’s effort to reach out to junior parents and make them feel welcome.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to meet my daughter’s teachers virtually. I was pleased with the information given and their transparency on how they are working to overcome the barriers of virtual learning,” Riley said. “They are working hard to make this the best experience possible under the current circumstances.”

The day opened with a presentation by Executive Director Dr. Germain McConnell, who introduced the block schedule to the parents and offered an opportunity to ask questions.

Junior parent Michael Anderson, father to Hayden Anderson, felt that Parents’ Day was a great way to meet all of his son’s teachers. 

“It was great to be able to put a face with a name of my son’s teachers we hear so much about around our household,” Anderson said. “I really enjoyed and appreciated how much the teachers and MSMS staff have done to make the current pandemic situation and satellite transition so seamless.”

Ryan Sexton, father to junior Hailee Sexton, felt that Parents’ Day adequately educated him on MSMS virtual learning.

“Parents’ Day was more informative than I expected. I thought the teachers would just talk about the state requirements and curriculum, like most parent/teacher meetings I’ve been to. However, the MSMS teachers gave me insight into what my daughter is actually doing and learning in her classes,” Sexton said. “It eased my concerns about virtual learning, and I was able to have hope that my daughter will get the education we’d hoped for, despite the current situation.”