Bowles: Biden, Kamala a two-headed monster


Taylor Wypyski

Biden announced Harris as his running mate on Aug. 11. Both ran against each other for president this year.

Luke Bowles, Managing Editor

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris think we’re complete and utter idiots. 

Yes, Biden just chose a Black woman, Kamala Harris, as his Vice Presidential nominee. A first in American history, this would normally be something to be celebrated. 

But I won’t be fooled. Joe Biden is a terrible human with a terrible political legacy. He has harmed the Black community far worse than many think, and Harris has too. Joe Biden wants you to think he’s not racist, and Harris wants you to think she’s accepted the nomination for any other reason besides purely person gain. 

Don’t believe me? I’ll drop the facts about each of their political history, and you can decide for yourself. 


Joe Biden

“I think that busing… is a rejection of the whole movement of Black pride,” Biden said in 1975.

That same year, Biden voted for an amendment to stop the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare from requiring schools to submit information on their racial makeup. Therefore, The U.S. government would be unable to withhold funding from schools that did not integrate because they wouldn’t know which ones had and had not done so. 

After said amendment was tabled, Biden proposed his own amendment that no federal funds could be used by school systems “to assign teachers or students to schools … for reasons of race.” 

The NAACP called it “an anti-Black amendment,” and the only Black senator at the time of the bill, Ed Brooke, said that Biden’s amendment was “the greatest symbolic defeat for civil rights since 1964.”

After writing and passing the 1994 crime bill, which he calls the “Biden Crime Bill,” Biden bragged that “the liberal wing of the Democratic Party” was now for “60 new death penalties,” “70 enhanced penalties,” “100,000 cops,” and “125,000 new state prison cells.”

The bill also encouraged police to carry out more drug-related arrests which was yet another escalation of the historically racist war on drugs

Biden also assisted in passing racist laws that created the 100-to-1 crack cocaine to powder cocaine sentencing disparity. You’d never guess which race disproportionately uses crack cocaine compared to powder. 

Lastly, he bragged about being friends and eating lunch with segregationist Senator James Eastland who literally said Black people belong to an inferior race.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot. Biden also said in 2008 that Barack Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

He continued on, “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”


Kamala Harris 

“I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” Harris said in response to sexual assault and inappropriate touching allegations against Biden in 2019.

What a slap in the face it must’ve been to the millions of sexual assault victims in America—who went through actual traumatic experiences—when Kamala accepted the nomination to work side-by-side with someone who she said was guilty of inappropriately touching women. 

Additionally, Harris has never seemed to be a supporter of Biden or aligned with his values. This June, she ripped into Biden in the Democratic primaries on his record of working with segregationists to oppose mandatory busing. 

“There was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bused to school every day,” Harris said. “And that little girl was me.”

So, why is she working with someone who wanted to keep her in a segregated school? Surely it’s not purely for personal gain. It’s clearly because she agrees with Biden and wants to work with someone who represents her. 

But that’s the least of it. Let’s examine her record as the Attorney General (AG) of California. 

Not only did she oppose legislation requiring the investigation of shootings involving police officers, she also refused to support the required use of  body cameras for officers. 

There’s also the case of Kevin Cooper. After the murder of a family and a neighbor, the family’s eight year old son said that white people had committed the crime. Witnesses also reported seeing three white people leave the scene. Instead, Kevin Cooper was arrested and sentenced to death. 

When his lawyers offered to use advanced DNA to prove his innocence, guess who opposed it? Kamala Harris. I bet you could guess Cooper’s race as well. 

As AG, she also oversaw 1,900 marijuana convictions. When asked if she had ever smoked pot, she laughed: “It was a long time ago,” Harris said. 

She didn’t publicly change her stance on marijuana legalization until 2018 when she was already a presidential candidate. 

Lastly, she supported legislation that could jail parents for truancy. You’d never guess what race is disproportionately jailed for marijuana offenses and misses the most school in California. 

But no, this is obviously a huge win for the Black community just because of her race. Obviously. 


The Future

In light of recent events, many Democrats describe themselves as “anti-police” and part of the “ACAB” movement. Many of them are also strongly supportive of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. 

Sorry to tell you this, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris aren’t anti-police. Harris was an actual “cop,” and Biden has always been supportive of police. 

In 2002, Biden wrote an op-ed declaring his stance. 

“What works in the fight against crime?” he wrote. “It’s simple – more police on the street. Put a cop on three of four corners and guess where the crime is going to be committed? On the fourth corner, where the cop isn’t. More cops clearly means less crime.”

But worse, both of them have harmed the Black community in countless ways. Biden’s crime bill and Harris’s record as a prosecutor clearly illustrate this fact. Still, many Democrats dissatisfied with Biden are refusing to vote for Trump, saying “Settle for Biden.” 

Did you know that Donald Trump donated to Harris’s reelection campaign for AG in 2014? Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris are simply two sides of the same coin: racist authoritarians who are only running for personal gain and not because they actually care about the plight of Black and other minority communities. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t plan on settling for a racist, and any system that forces you to do so is fundamentally flawed. Only time will tell how much Biden and Harris’s troubled legacies will hurt them in November, but regardless, you can expect no real change in the next four years.