Workout seminars and Wellness Points — a guide to virtual Wellness


Karlene Deng

Residential staff are finding new ways to get students to stay healthy and active at home.

Kate McElhinney, News Editor

Wellness, a program designed to ensure that students maintain proper physical health throughout the school year, is a staple of the MSMS experience. Traditionally, students are required to log 19 hours of wellness each nine weeks, as well as attend two seminars. However, due to virtual learning, Wellness will be conducted through Canvas.

Ms. Nisa Moody, an assistant Hall Director and Wellness Coordinator for Goen Hall, explained the structure of the Canvas assignments.

“There will be a module each week that is relative to one of the eight dimensions of wellness,” Moody said. “Three assignments will be due for each module… a discussion board prompt, a quiz, and a personal discussion of goals related to the current topic.”

Every nine weeks, students will also complete two workout seminars, which will be a mixture of cardio and strength-based exercises, yoga, dance and barre. This is a strong example of how MSMS is trying to maintain normal experiences, regardless of virtual learning.

“We hope to have a diverse selection for the students to choose from to complete their ‘tests,’ and we would be thrilled to hear any ideas of what the students would like to see,” Moody said. 

Senior Blake Cheater plans to make the best of virtual wellness, but he would rather work out in Stark.

“I’d much rather go for a run and log that instead of doing Canvas assignments, but I’m interested to see how it all pans out for us with Wellness,” Cheater said.

The junior class, who have never experienced MSMS Wellness, are not sure what to expect. Carter Miller expresses his concerns.

“I’m not sure what to expect, honestly,” Miller said. “I’m just expecting Wellness to help me maintain a positive attitude throughout this school year.”

A point system will determine students’ grades in the program. An Outstanding score is ten points and can be earned by completing all modules on time and following directions. Satisfactory is seven to nine points, and Unsatisfactory is zero to six points. Students will receive emails regarding Wellness shortly.

Senior Natalie Staggers encourages students to remain optimistic about Wellness in a time of uncertainty.

“I hope that virtual wellness is successful and works for everyone. I think that it’s going to be different, but if everybody goes into it with the right mindset, I think that it can work well.” Staggers said.