The best of quarantine TikTok


Kate McElhinney

Senior Kate McElhinney shows off her eggs Benedict after finding a recipe on TikTok.

Kate McElhinney and Clare Seo

From learning the Dolphin Dance to hearing crazy Subway Surfers stories, students have invested too much time on the popular social media app TikTok. Although applying to college and finding the cure to the coronavirus may be beneficial, students have instead expanded their knowledge through hours of scrolling through their For You pages.

Recently graduated student Alden Wiygul (@aldenwhy) used TikTok videos to learn how to crochet and sew a bucket hat. One of her videos showcasing her collection of hand-knitted sweaters went viral recently, with over twenty-thousand likes.

Many students have also enjoyed watching outfit inspiration TikToks, in the hopes of one day getting to go thrift shopping in a big city (or even thrift shopping at all, seeing as most people are quarantining).

In hopes of creating her dream closet, senior Clare Seo spent her summer online shopping and thrift flipping. With the help of TikTok, she saved numerous discount videos to find the best prices, as well as find lots of projects to amp her closet. 

“So far, I’ve used a Vans code and saved $25,” Seo said. “I’ve also invested in some jeans. Also, I’ve been altering a lot of my old clothes to make them fit better. Everyone follow @alexsiene! She has all the deals you need. Thank you Tiktok for saving both my closet and wallet.”

Senior Kate McElhinney spent lots of time scrolling through TikTok while in the kitchen, in hopes of becoming the next Gordon Ramsay. Unfortunately, her attempts to make whipped coffee and cloud bread were not as successful as she had hoped.

“Just about everything I made tasted horrible. As much as I hate to say it, I’m really awful at making eggs Benedict. However, I found a nice banana bread recipe that my dad likes a lot, so that’s nice,” McElhinney said.

McElhinney also found a plethora of songs and playlists to spice up her music taste. Additionally, she has discovered a number of underrated films to add to her ever-growing “movies to watch before going to college” list.

With college applications opening, students of the Class of 2021 are also discovering several college-related TikToks. Whether it be tips and advice for college essays or displaying statistics of accepted students, the app has made the college application process smoother for many.

Seo also saves numerous chemistry notes videos in hopes that it will save her grade in any way. In case any are wondering or in need of notes, here is a helpful video of chemistry notes breaking down the subject. 

TikTok has also become a large platform for advocacy for the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride month, as well as many other movements and groups.

In addition, educational creators provide news updates for important events, such as the recent Lebanon explosions and the upcoming presidential election. 

Of course, a TikTok article cannot be written without mentioning @skincarebyhyram, otherwise known as Hyram. Known as the Brad Mondo of the skincare industry, Hyram rose to fame after uncovering the truth of many expensive and popular brands. Thank you Hyram for clearing up our minds and skin. Even the acne that MSMS students received for pulling all-nighters for their research papers is starting to fade. 

Even for the biggest non-believers in TikTok, the app has proven useful for all. With TikTok being the mascot of summer 2020, hopefully this article has brought hope to the non-believers and a smile to those who are already addicted.