Is ‘Money Heist’ on its way to mediocrity?

Money Heist

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A heist crime drama television series, “Money Heist” climbs on Netflix’s charts.

Luke Bowles, Staff Writer

“Money Heist” is one of my favorite shows, so much that I watched all of season four the first day it came out (only eight episodes, to be fair). Yet, after I sat staring at my TV with an empty popcorn bag in hand at the conclusion of the season finale, I felt… nothing. 

To be fair, “Money Heist” is undoubtedly a great show and absolutely deserves its top-10 rank on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, you absolutely need to. Seasons one and two especially are packed with action and suspense. 

 However, I fear the show might be on the decline. 

Season four was good, but that was it. There was nothing new, nothing special. Much of the season felt like a flashback of the Professor’s life, and frankly, it was boring.

Seasons three and four felt exactly like season one and two. The first two seasons were a masterpiece, but repeating the exact same formula is not captivating or interesting.

Additionally, season four simply lacked authenticity. Squeezing everything into eight episodes didn’t help the plot buildup or character development either.

All the men who are melting the gold? Yeah, I don’t know their names. Do they have personalities? Do they matter in the plot? I have no idea. 

Possibly the worst moment of the season was the death of Nairobi. Not only was she an important character, but she was also funny, kind and complex. She was as important to the plot as any other character on the show. Then, she gets executed with what felt like no build-up. One of the most important characters was executed, and I felt nothing. See the trend here?

In the beginning, when the professor thought that Lisbon had been killed, that was good. It felt real. Genuine. Rio’s torture by the new inspector Sierra was packed with raw emotion too. Her character is a bright spot in a declining show. Her refusal to quit after being fired eventually leading up to her discovering the professor will likely be a nice bridge to the upcoming season five.

However, those early moments don’t cover up the lack of creativity from this season as a whole. The rest of the season made me feel basically nothing. 

Overall, season four was good, and I enjoyed watching it. However, it just wasn’t original. “Money Heist” season five needs a radical shakeup.