Seage: The Democratic debate proved we can’t let Bloomberg get the nomination


Carter Moore

Michael Bloomberg was the receiver of many criticism from his fellow candidates at the Nevada Democratic Debate.

Elisabeth Seage, Staff Writer

A socialist, a diet socialist, Trump but make him a “Democrat,” an old man, the guy from the MAD magazine cover and irrelevance personified walk into a ba- oh wait, sorry. I mean the, um, Nevada Democratic Debate. So that’s where we’re at now, huh?

Last Wednesday, the Democratic candidates were joined onstage by a new face running for the nomination: Michael Bloomberg. It’s safe to say that no one up there was very excited to see him. From the beginning to the end of the night, Bloomberg couldn’t get a break from the jabs and the allegations thrown at him, especially from Senator Warren.

If you’ve somehow managed to survive without ever going on the internet this past month, you’ve probably seen hundreds of ads from the former mayor of New York. Literally. I can’t open YouTube anymore without an ad from Bloomberg popping up on my screen. This is the first time Bloomberg has been in a debate, and I really hope it was the last.

In case you’ve only seen the plethora of ads and don’t really know anything about Bloomberg, here’s a little recap: Bloomberg joined the race in late Nov. 2019 and previously served as mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013. He also privately runs Bloomberg L.P., where he serves as the owner and CEO of the company. Instead of relying on donors to support his campaign, Bloomberg’s campaign is self-funded, everything coming from his own pocket. He has spent nearly $400 million funding his campaign.

As Biden’s title of “King of the Moderate Democrats” slowly slips from his fingers, it seems like Bloomberg is on the rise to take his crown, as many Baby Boomers and fundraisers are ditching the millionaire for the billionaire. Bloomberg has been on the rise, but after this last debate, it’s very unlikely that he will maintain the steady path to victory.

This event can’t even be considered a debate; it was a flat out murder. Bloomberg was pummeled, destroyed and beaten the entire night. Nothing was left untouched, and the candidates on stage did everything they could to make sure the billionaire CEO knew that he was not welcomed, especially Senator Warren. Warren was brutal, delivering one of the coldest quotes from the night: “I’d like to talk about who we’re running against, a billionaire who calls women ‘fat broads’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians.’ And no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.”

Alas, no one was safe, though. Even Mayor Pete got it dished to him by Senator Klobuchar, vice-versa. More condemning quips were made throughout the night toward everyone, proving that these debates are nothing more than a way to polarize the Democratic voter. Every other sentence uttered by a candidate is something along the lines of “don’t vote for them because of x, y, z, but you can trust me because of z, y, x!” Every candidate is trying to distance themselves from each other, essentially isolating and confusing the voter.

Did anyone really come out the winner? Well, no. Was there a definite loser? Yes, and his name is Michael Bloomberg. There is no way he can come back from that debate. The nation has been exposed to his ugliness, from his sexual harassment accusations to his racial profiling policies as Mayor of New York. It’s astounding that a candidate who reportedly told one of his own employees to kill her unborn child, has repeatedly been reported for sexual harassment in his own workplace and openly supported the “stop and frisk” policy in his own city is able to poll third in the nation.

Michael Bloomberg cannot win this nomination, and the debates have proved that. He is nothing more than a racist, sexist billionaire who thinks he can buy his way into the oval office, and we already have one in there right now. Let’s not add another.