That baby Yoda show? It’s majorly overhyped

The Mandalorian is the first live action series of the Star Wars franchise.

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“The Mandalorian” is the first live action series of the Star Wars franchise.

Luke Bowles, Staff Writer

“The Mandalorian” produced some amazing memes. Sadly, that’s the only memorable thing about the entire show.

Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely watchable. But, that doesn’t mean it did anything innovative or even particularly good. 

For instance, have you ever eaten a hamburger from the MUW cafeteria? It’s definitely edible, but you’d surely never describe it as “good” or go out of your way to recommend it to someone else. Well, if you have, you can just stop reading this because that’s exactly what “The Mandalorian” is like. Plus, spoilers ahead.

The Good

In all fairness, the show has some pretty cool moments. When the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) is going to hunt down his bounty, the ensuing fight scene has all the action. It also introduces one of the few actually developed plot points, the fact that the Mandalorian hates droids.

Carter Moore
If Disney doesn’t radically shake up the show, I don’t see it going beyond two seasons.

When “Mando” has his ship stolen and is forced to steal an egg from a cave alien, I was genuinely worried. Thankfully, that’s where Mando’s bounty, baby Yoda, saves the day. Watching a 10 inch-tall ball of pure adorableness use the force to stop a giant alien was just that: adorable. Maybe that’s what watching your son hit his first home run or score his first touchdown is like.

Mando turning in baby Yoda for new armor hurt. How could he? But just like all heroes do when they realize they’ve made a mistake, Mando came back to fix it. Now that made me feel good.

Kuiil is also a nice addition to the show. Imagine a Boomer you’d actually want to hang out with. When he tragically dies while saving baby Yoda’s life, I think someone started cutting onions. He’s easily the most underrated character in the whole show. “I have spoken.”

The Bad

Despite those small snippets of quality, the show just simply never excelled at anything. The action was good but too spread out. Like seriously, this is “Star Wars,” I want to see some fighting, not the main character walking around brooding for 30 minutes.

On that same note, not only does Mando never talk, he never shows his face either. To be fair, it’s part of his creed, but come on, who comes up with the idea for a show whose main character doesn’t even show his face? Maybe if he actually had a personality it wouldn’t be so insufferable.

Even worse, the show is really just predictable. It’s not much fun watching a show where a 12-year-old with basic logic skills could predict every sequence. Seriously, this show really needs a plot twist.

So, who cares?

If you’re thinking about buying Disney+ just to watch “The Mandalorian,” don’t waste your money. I almost stopped watching multiple times. Was it terrible? Of course not. Was it worth my $7? That question is much more ambiguous. My verdict on the show? Definition of average. If Disney doesn’t radically shake up the show, I don’t see it going beyond two seasons.