Dear Vision #14

Dear Vision,

I am spending way too much money. I have an uncontrollable obsession of ordering food when I am studying late. My parents are getting mad at me, my bank account is draining and my stomach is growling louder. Any suggestions?

Please Help,

Super Supper Spender


Dear Super Supper Spender,

My bank account suffered the same abuse. After the first nine-weeks of MSMS, I had $3 left on my card and my mom on my back. So, in order to escape my mother’s wrath and impending bankruptcy, I decided it was time to get a job. Although it seemed impossible to balance at first, I practiced time management and learned it was doable. However, if you are unable to obtain a job, I suggest installing a money jar. Instead of tossing away useless coins, collect them in a jar, and before you know it, you have enough money for Chick-fil-A after all.

Best of Luck,

Bank Account Baron

Dear Vision, 

The earth decided to rain today, so that means the temperature is 10 times colder than it was yesterday. There’s crazy people outside my room who like to scream and yell about their overexcitement with the nonexistent snow. That’s nice. I hope these weather problems go away just like my exams because I just want to go home and escape my prison cell. 


Pessimistic Resident


Dear Pessimistic Resident,

I understand that you are struggling with the stress of exams and the miserable weather. With the weather being so cold, I think it would be a good idea to get you rid of your fridge since you won’t be needing it anymore. Just place all of your refrigerated goods in the window. Don’t worry about the people outside of your room. They will cease their excitement once they realize it’s not snow falling from the sky. I hope all goes well with your exams and wish you the best of luck!


The Vision