MSMS students unleash their inner Halloween trickeries


Simeon Gates

The two residence halls participated in a hallway decorating contest between the floors.

Hua Chen, Staff Writer

You sit alone in your house, you hear a door creak and a window whistle and you start to see objects float; it’s that time of the year again.

On Halloween, the dorms and lobbies of MSMS’ Goen and Frazer residence halls were packed with spooky signs and candy-hungry MSMS students. Study hours were canceled and substituted with a chance for students to trick-or-treat in each other’s respective residence halls.

Dressed as everything from The Powerpuff Girls and David Bowie to VSCO girls and the cast of Scooby-Doo, some students stayed in their rooms to hand out candies and scare their friends from the other dorm while others explored the decorative halls. Many of the lights were covered to set the eerie vibes, and each hall had a chance to participate in a Halloween Hall decorating contest where the winning hall would be excused from their weekly room inspection.

Senior Kresha Patel, one of many students who handed out treats, appreciated this annual MSMS tradition.

“Trick-or-treating in Frazer is always exciting because it’s the one time each year you get to go explore the boys’ dorms. It was a lot of fun seeing what they had in store to scare us,” Patel said. “My favorite thing about trick-or-treating at MSMS is the mere fact that we get to still trick or treat, and we’re not deprived of the experience just because we go to a residential high school.”

Patel, along with the others residing on her wing, helped decorate their hall by using a roll of toilet paper as streamers and putting fake spider webs throughout the hall. They covered their lights with black construction paper and blasted music down the hall.

Other floors in Goen covered half of the door with a box, forcing visitors to duck in order to get through while fifth east used a TV to play the static background. In Frazer Hall, people lied on the floor grabbing ankles as people walked by while others continuously slammed doors.

Juniors Shanay Desai and Emily Berry both enjoyed their first MSMS Halloween.

“The best part of this year’s Halloween for me was just hanging out with friends, getting to experience a different type of trick-or-treating that I haven’t at home, and not having to study in study hours,” Desai said.

“Going to Frazer to trick or treat was definitely fun. From a Minecraft dance party to eating my trick-or-treat oatmeal the next day for breakfast, it was exciting,” Berry said.

Goen Hall Director LaToya Bledsoe hosted the Halloween decorating competition, and second floor north of Frazer and second floor west of Goen won. Year after year, she continued to see how students come together to have fun on Halloween.

“[The] students really enjoy dressing up in costumes and the inter-hall trick-or-treating within the residence halls. This is a home away from home atmosphere, and I think for those who celebrate Halloween, it’s an enjoyable experience,” Bledsoe said. “They’ve actually improved over the years from issuing out sandwiches to actual candy.”

Although some seniors hid in the library in order to complete college applications, the majority of the students let their imagination run wild as they decked out in their costumes and spooky hallways.