MSMS Mock Election Results


Davan Reece

The results are in!

Davan Reece, Managing Editor

Students, teachers, and faculty made their voices heard in The Vision’s 2019 Mock Election, and all Democratic candidates easily won their respective elections.


Governor – Jim Hood (D)

Lt. Governor – Jay Hughes (D)

Attorney General – Jennifer Collins (D)

Secretary of State – Johnny Dupree (D)

State Treasurer – Addie Lee Green (D)

Voting Breakdown

Davan Reece
Jim Hood (D) bested Tate Reeves (R) and the other two candidates with 113 total votes versus Reeves’ 27, Singletary’s (I) 10 and Hickingbottom’s (C) 6.
Davan Reece
State Representative Jay Hughes (D) beat current Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann (R) 119 – 34.
Davan Reece
Former U.S. National Guard member Jennifer Collins (D) won against Lynn Fitch (R) to become Mississippi’s first female Attorney General by a vote of 97 to 56, the closest race of the five.
Davan Reece
Johnny Dupree (D), Mayor of Hattiesburg, won out against Michael Watson (R), 113 to 31.
Davan Reece
Former Bolton Alderman Addie Lee Green (D) defeated Madison businessman David McRae (R) by a vote of 105 to 39.

By the Numbers

Based on exit-polling.

Davan Reece
Hood fared fairly well among both women and men but seemed to fail at connecting with voters who identify as non-binary or other-gendered, getting beat by Reeves 2-1, though the sample size is incredibly small.

Davan Reece
Both Jim Hood and Jay Hughes catered to teachers heavily during the election, and it shows.