Dear Vision #10

Dear Vision,


I can’t seem to get my sleep schedule right. Every night I get an inadequate amount of sleep that forces me to wake up miserable the next day. I want to go to bed early, but what seems to be the problem is that every time I decide that I want to go to bed, normally at two in the morning, the train thinks it’s a good idea to wake up. Its dramaticized yells and prolonged honks make it impossible to sleep. 

Also, another problem with this rambunctious box on wheels is that whenever I try to have normal conversations outside, it thinks it can just interrupt  me. I need to find a way to get this train to SHUT UP before I go jump in front of it.



A Train Hater


Dear Train Hater, 


It seems that you could use a little help. And before you jump in front of a train, I have some suggestions for you. First, try investing in some very expensive earplugs. Maybe the ones that are soundproof because you know when something says it’s soundproof, it most likely is. 

Next thing that you need to do is invest in a microphone. If you have a microphone, you will never have to worry about people being unable to hear you. However, if this option is not possible for you, then maybe you should just turn the volume up on your voice or text your friend who’s directly in front of you what you want to say because these days, everyone is on their phone anyways. 

If you have something in your ears to  mute outside noises, such as the train, then you should be able to go to sleep without having to worry about unnecessary sounds. This solution will allow you to get an adequate amount of sleep, that is, unless you have a big test the next morning or homework that you’ve been procrastinating on doing. If this is the case, then good luck trying to go to sleep on time.

Best of luck,

The Vision 

Dear Vision,

I literally have no time for anything. I am constantly distracted by my friends and my phone. Every time I look up from the Tik Tok I was watching, four hours have passed by. At night time, my roommates are constantly talking my ear off to the point I might request a room change.

Please help,

A Distracted Dummy


Dear Distracted Dummy,

Isolate yourself from everyone, and delete Tik Tok. As time passes, people will forget you even exist. This way, your time management problems will be gone! However, if you would like to try and keep your social life, try using a planner. Plan out your day by the hour. Unless it is your dream to be kicked out so that you can return to your school back in the boondocks, open that dusty textbook!

Best Wishes,

An Isolated Introvert