MSMS students spill tea, sip LaCroix at current events wellness seminar


Karlene Deng

Junior Meghan Curry expresses her opinions and ideas during the discussion.

Simeon Gates, Copy Editor, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday, MSMS students enjoyed a night of friendly debate and carbonated refreshments at the LaCroix and Current Events wellness seminar. The first in a series of seminars planned, its main focus was the issues and recent news in the African-American community.

The seminars were created by Alicia Argrett, senior class secretary.

“I really just wanted to get people in a room and talk about pressing issues under certain strata,” Argrett said.

Argrett co-hosted the event with Faith Brown, Goen Hall senator and secretary of MSMS’ Black Student Alliance (BSA).

“There’s a lot of situations going on in current events, but first of all, people don’t know about it so they can’t speak on it,” Brown said. “And when they do speak on it, they don’t speak facts.”

Karlene Deng
(From left to right) BSA officers Alicia Argrett, Cameron Thomas and Faith Brown led the seminar.

Argrett and Brown came together with the goal of creating a forum for people to learn about and discuss current events. They shared the vision of giving people a place to voice their opinions and create a healthy dialogue. Then they brought this idea to BSA president Cameron Thomas, who agreed to have BSA host the first seminar. 

A diverse array of students and drink choices were in attendance. Three main topics were used to spark discussion: Justin Trudeau in blackface, oversensitivity in society, and cultural appropriation. These talks diverged to touch on colorism, police brutality, and racial identity and other important issues.

Attendees like senior Whitney Fairley enjoyed the discussion.

“I think it’s a great place to learn about African-American culture and bond over our love of sparkling beverages,” Fairley said.

Argrett is happy with the success of this first seminar and has more planned for the future.

“We’re trying to make it a monthly thing, so be on the lookout for October’s edition,” Argrett said.