Dear Vision #8

Dear Vision,

I hate Junior Plan! We can’t go anywhere; we can’t do anything; we have to open our doors during study hours. How am I supposed to study for AP Bio with all of that noise? My grade is terrible in that class. What should I do?


A junior on Prison Plan


Dear junior on Prison Plan,

As I reminisce on my days on “Prison Plan,” I can politely tell you that your days of incarceration will soon come to an end…unless you’re one of ‘those’ people who have a few NC’s too many. Maybe try making a trip to the library or Hooper during study hours. Or maybe…just maybe, you’re just terrible at Biology. No amount of silence in the hallway can fix the fact that you’re not meant to be a doctor; sorry to break that to you. Junior Plan is here so you can properly transition into MSMS. Everyone else before you had to go through it, and most(‘ish) of them made it. You can, too!


The Vision