Night at the Improv awes audiences


Aastha Banga

Dramatic Performance teacher Thomas Easterling welcomes the students to the stage.

Fiona Dawe, Staff Writer

The moment Dramatic Performance teacher Thomas Easterling came rolling on the stage, students knew they were in for a treat. “Night at the Improv” brought the audience to edge of their seats and laughs from the bottom of their stomachs as the Dramatic Performance students performed on the dimly-lit stage of Shack Auditorium.

Members of the audience suggested scenarios for the performers as they walked in the door. After being randomly selected, the MC, Raven Day, announced the scenes and the show began. 

The room was pretty packed, and the audience members were attentive.  Everyone laughed at all of the right moments and cheered for the performers. The performers were able to connect with the audience members and filled the show with many MSMS inside jokes.

Junior Adrianna Mays enjoyed the show.

Aastha Banga
Taylor Willis and Kyle McDuffie go on a “father-daughter fishing trip.”

“At Improv night, I got to experience other clubs other than what I’m in,” Mays said. “The students seemed to have a lot of fun and everyone had a good response to it. I will be attending other stagings hosted by the dramatic performance class whenever the chance comes.” 

The audience was not just dominated by juniors. MSMS seniors reminisced on last year’s Improv Night.

“I went to the last improv night my junior year, and it’s so cool to see that such an amazing part of MSMS is being continued so well by the current students, both juniors and seniors,” said senior Ada Fulgham.

Seniors Kyle McDuffie and Taylor Willis performed an entertaining skit about a father and daughter fishing day. A hollow, wooden prop was used as the fishing boat, which McDuffie and Willis were squished into. After a heated argument, McDuffie threw himself into the water with a large, pretend splash.

Following the traditions from last year, the first performance was Ceremony of Lights from a satanic perspective. Willis was in the middle of the group and gave a speech about the “Cult of MSMS.” The scene ended with entire club dramatically falling to the floor after slicing their palms for blood. 

There were also VSCO girls saving the turtles with multiple parts, complete with scrunchies and Hydroflasks. The ‘Two Sisters’ held a fashion show and criticized everyone’s outfits. Four people who hated each other got on and elevator.

The final skit was about the MSMS Purge. While not all of the slips were used, due to time constraints and problems about performing the prompts, the performed skits were excellent and entertaining. 

Davan Reece, a senior at MSMS and a performer at Improv night said, “Improv night went marginally better than I thought it would. I am really happy with how it turned out. It seemed like the student body really enjoyed it. My favorite performance, by far, was probably the Two Sisters fashion show or the Purge.”

As the show drew to a close, I was surprised but encouraged by the performance. I have never been to an improv show but Improv Night was a lot funnier than I had expected. My favorite scenarios were the ones with the VSCO girls. They were very funny and the use of props helped the scene feel more real. A lot of the scenarios were well thought and planned out, especially for a performance that was prepared in a minuscule amount of time. While I have never been to an improv show before, this was a new and entertaining experience.