Dear Vision #5

Dear Vision,

I have a problem. You see, I have this bottle of shampoo and it works absolute WONDERS as if it was magic. It leaves my locks luscious and luminous. The problem, however, is that said shampoo smells like Japanese cherry blossoms. I would prefer not to smell too feminine, speaking as I am a male. Although feminine fragrance is fine, I’m just afraid of getting picked on due to my smell. Is there anything I should do?


Acutely Conflicted Anthophile


Dear Acutely Conflicted Anthophile,

I see that you’re having a serious problem, of being a misogynist. Smelling like flowers is a blessing, some people would love to smell like fresh dewy cherry blossoms.  Being a male does not necessarily mean you have to always have the masculine scent of sweat and pine needles, mud. If it’s doing wonders to your hair, that is all it matters.

Another piece of advice, OWN it. If it’s making you insecure, know that there is nothing wrong with you. To be honest not many people smell people’s hair and if they do, they will appreciate it. 

Sending confidence and love,

The Vision