Tsang and Tyler host ‘Organize Success!’ wellness seminar


Aastha Banga

There was a large outcome for the wellness seminar.

Luke Bowles, Staff Writer

As the first round of tests approaches, students are constantly buried under textbooks and homework. To help manage stress, seniors Esmond Tsang and Tiwaniya Tyler hosted a wellness seminar on the topic of organization, the second seminar of the school year at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 25.

The large crowd required extra seating to accommodate all of the students in the MUW library classroom that housed the program. Co-organizer Tsang shared his thoughts on the turnout and result of the seminar.

“I think the seminar went really well. There seemed to be over forty people here,” Tsang said.

Junior Aaron Wan, who attended the seminar, expressed a similar view about the turnout.

“There was quite a bit of people, like fifty maybe, and I think the seminar was pretty useful,” Wan said.

Tsang presented his organization strategy to those in attendance– such as using Google Calendar, carrying a notebook and taking breaks during long study periods.

Tyler shared her experience as a student at MSMS and explained how that translated into her becoming more organized. She explained how she of kept organized as well, including using the free myHomework app to keep track of all her assignments. She also suggested using a color-coded planner and creating to-do lists. In an effort to increase the effectiveness of the seminar, Tsang and Tyler created a Kahoot to quiz students on the presentation and distributed candy to the winners.

“I didn’t become this organized until I became a senior because I realized the method I was using for junior year just really wasn’t working well for me,” Tyler said. “That’s when I developed a new game-plan to use for senior year.”

Adding on to those experiences, she stressed the importance of mental health and learning from failure.

“Seek help when needed. I would say that it’s okay to fail, but if you learn from that failure, it was worth it,” Tyler said.

Tsang shared his thoughts on failure and his junior year to coincide with Tyler’s message.

“Junior year was tough and full of mistakes and failures. I was inspired to give these juniors the tools they need to succeed, and I hope everyone is able to accomplish their dreams,” Tsang said.

Nathan Lee, a senior in attendance, commented on the different organization styles presented and his thoughts on the seminar overall.

“I found it helpful, and I thought it was pretty interesting how they showed both of their different organization strategies,” Lee said. “My main takeaway is that I really need to fix my sleep schedule.”

That point was stressed heavily by Tsang at the end of the seminar. His final piece of advice for the current student body was only one word: “sleep.”