Seniors Reveal Future Homes


Katelyn Booker

The Class of 2019 gathers on the front steps of Hooper.

Gina Nguyen, Photography Editor

Every year on May 1, masses of high school seniors commit to where they plan to spend the next few years of their lives furthering their education. On Thursday, May 2, the Class of 2019 gathered on the steps of Hooper Academic building for College Reveal Day, an MSMS tradition in which seniors announce what school they will be attending in the fall.

Many students looked forward to this day with excitement but also with sadness.

“I have been anticipating College Reveal Day, although with mixed feelings,” said senior Maria Kaltchenko. “I was excited because it represents moving into a really transformative chapter of our respective lives—and the culmination of all of our hard work—but also sad because it signals one of the last gatherings of the class of 2019.”

“I was excited to see where all my friends would be going to school,” said senior Lane Hughes.

As more seniors showed up in their white lab coats, more juniors and faculty members gathered around, anticipating the big reveal. Kelly Brown, the Director of Academic Affairs, gave a short informal speech, congratulating the seniors on making it this far and encouraging them to hang on for only a few more weeks.

“You have worked hard for two years at MSMS. Show us where you’re going to school next. Go for it!” Brown said.

Within seconds, cheers and applause filled the atmosphere as lab coats were thrown into the air. Students rushed to embrace and congratulate each other.

“Many of seniors are determined and passionate about what they want to study in college. I hope that they enjoy what they learn and college life in general,” said junior Dennis Lee. “For those who haven’t made up their minds yet, I hope that they can take the opportunity to explore a variety of things they might be interested in and find something that they can dedicate themselves to.”

“I am so sad my seniors are leaving. I am very close to the senior class, and I will miss them dearly,” said junior Linda Arnoldus. “So many seniors have made my first year at MSMS a positive experience. My seniors definitely acted as my guardian angels this year by guiding me and helping me through school and the things unique to MSMS. I hope all the seniors find happiness at their colleges.”

Reveal Day ended with hordes of picture-taking and bittersweet sentiments. Next year, the Class of 2019’s puzzle pieces will be sure to be spread all over the country.