‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Review (Episodes 1-3)

'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Review (Episodes 1-3)

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Alexz Carpenter, Social Media Editor

WARNING: If you have not watched the most recent season of “Game of Thrones,” there will obviously be spoilers in this article because it is a review.

Also, another thing to take into consideration is that I am just a normal watcher of “Game of Thrones.” I am not a cinematic expert nor am I someone who has done intense research on the show, prophecies or anything like that. I just enjoy watching the show, and I want to give my opinion on the most recent season.

It seems fitting that as I finish my senior year at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, GOT is also ending with it. I feel all the same feelings of happiness, excitement, and sadness.

GOT is on currently debuting the eighth and final season, which the fourth episode was released last night of six episodes.  

GOT is definitely one of my favorite shows of all time, I have thoroughly enjoyed it as the show has progressed.

So today, I am going to talk about the first three episodes of Season 8.

To start off, I think the show as a whole has been pretty great. There are definitely some things that I would have changed, but honestly, I have been pleased so far.

The first two episodes were essentially set-up episodes, where the living were preparing for the Battle of Winterfell, or in other words the battle against the living and the dead. There were a bunch of reunions, anger and a lot of underlying darkness.

Personally, I really enjoyed the reunions of the Starks. They all have not been together since Season 1, and the producers waited a really long time give the fans the satisfaction that they wanted. I did not really have a problem with anything in the episode, but it was kind of boring.

I felt some satisfaction and excitement because everything was about to go down, but I did feel somewhat disappointed after watching the second episode because I did not feel that they needed two episodes of set-up before the battle. It seemed like a waste of time, especially since there are only 6 episodes in the entire season. Every minute should be valuable, and I think that the show was entirely too slow at the beginning.

For the second episode, I thought that it was amazing and much better than episode one. Even though most fans were desperately waiting for the battle, I enjoyed this time where all the main characters were able to come together and truly reflect on how much they have changed. I especially enjoyed the scene with many of the characters such as Tyrion, Jaime, Brienne, and more drank and bonded. This is the amazing scene where Brienne was knighted by Jaime. I thought it was so pure and wholesome, even with the feeling of impending doom that was coming the next day.

Arya’s scene was also one that I admired. I know that some people felt like it was watching their little sister in an inappropriate way, but I was happy for her. She was able to take a step back from the serious assassin that she had become, and the writers were able to acknowledge that she was a woman and that she still has desires like everyone else. It was a side of her that no one was expecting to see, but I think this scene of her and Gendry made her more of an in-depth character.

The episode that everyone was waiting for was finally here: Episode three: The Battle of Winterfell. With so much excitement and hype built up with this episode, it had a lot to live up to. People all had their own theories of how it was going to go, and I do not think that many people were expecting what actually did happen.

Overall, the big complaint that I did have with this episode was the darkness in it. I felt like I could not see anything the entire episode. It really did not make sense to me because I am sure they spent so much money to do this battle, but they made it so dark that no one could see anything. It was not completely unbearable, but I feel that is something that I should not have to deal with because this show has such a big budget. This is something that definitely missed the mark.

I thought the battle was fine, I enjoyed it. There were some things because of the darkness I feel were hard to see. Many people, including myself, after the episode, were unsure who passed away and who lived because they could not tell. Another common complaint that I agree with is that they completely missed an opportunity to do something cool with Ghost. He is seen in the front lines of the battle at the beginning of the episode, but after that, he was not seen the rest of the episode. Ghost to me was a lost opportunity.

To get to the opinion that everyone is waiting for: the death of the Night King. The first thing that I want to address is that I do not think his death was rushed or anything. The only option for the battle to end, was for it to end suddenly. Killing the Night King would be fast, and immediately everything would be over.

Arya killing the Night King was totally epic. I loved that an amazing powerful young woman was able to get in there and end the entire battle. There was no powerful man, just a girl who is strong and brave. She is one of my favorite characters, just like everyone else, and I thought she was killer (literally).

I know it might go against the prophecies, but I feel that fans need to wait and see how things go before they get so angry. You never know how the show is going to twist and turn and provide very helpful loopholes.

One more complaint is that I wish there was just a little interaction between Bran and the Night King before he died. I wanted them to communicate or something, but of course, the show has to leave us hanging. I am interested to see what Bran’s purpose will be in the following episodes because he really has taken a lesser role than I thought he would have.

Overall, I am very pleased with the show so far, and I am super excited for the rest of the season. Who will end up on the throne? I certainly have no idea.