Senior Madison Wypyski Named Lindy Callahan Scholar Athlete


Elijah Dosda

Madison Wypyski dribbles the ball away from the opposing team

Davan Reece, Staff Writer

Last week, MSMS Senior Madison Wypyski was named the the MSHAA District 4 Lindy Callahan Scholar Athlete.

According to the MSHAA website, “The honorees — one boy and one girl from high schools in each of the MHSAA’s eight geographical districts — were chosen for their academic accomplishments as well as their participation in high school athletics and extracurricular activities.”

Along with the honor of being named on of the sixteen high-schoolers in the state, the Lindy Callahan Scholar Athlete also receives $1,500 in scholarships to put towards college.

“I am very excited to be honored with the Lindy Callahan Scholar-Athlete Award,” Wypyski said.  “Sports and academics have always been a very integral part of my life, so to be acknowledged for success in both definitely feels pretty amazing…I am looking forward to attending the awards ceremony in Jackson. I am ecstatic to meet the other winners.”

Since sports and athletics essentially dominate Mississippi high schools, Wypyski was surprised that a student from a school that predominantly focuses on academics could receive the award. “Admittedly, when I submitted my application for this award believed my chances of receiving it to be very slim as the culture of many Mississippi high schools is driven by sports, so to be an honoree feels incredible!”

Wypyski also said that she was excited about the upcoming banquet in the state’s capital. “I am looking forward to attending the Awards ceremony in Jackson. I am ecstatic to meet the other winners, I even know a couple of them, so I cannot wait to be reunited with old friends.”

Junior Reggie Zheng had nothing but words of affirmation for Wypyski. “I know she has so many achievements,” Zheng said. “I never see her boast about it on social media. She deserves this award, no doubt about it.”

Wypyski’s roommate and long time admirer Kelsey Hollingsworth also spoke on the scholars accolades. “Madison is the hardest worker I know,” Hollingsworth said. “Even in the midst of the craziness at MSMS, she somehow manages to perfectly balance all her schoolwork, the many clubs she holds a leadership position in, and her sports teams while maintaining a healthy diet, her own exercise schedule that I can only attempt to keep up with, and somehow still getting plenty of sleep. She is definitely the strongest person at MSMS for being able to keep that consistent.”

“No matter where she goes in life, even if she is hours and hours away at a completely different college in a different state and I no longer see her as much as I would like to, I will always be on the sidelines cheering her on,” Hollingsworth said.