MSMS Greats Return for Alumni Panel


Elijah Dosda

Mattie Clay laughs on some of the funnier moments of her time at MSMS.

Elijah Dosda, Sports Editor

On the weekend of March 30, MSMS Alumni returned in droves to the steps of Hooper Auditorium, conversing with friends and reminiscing on their junior and senior years at MSMS.

One of the first events of the weekend was the Alumni Panel, where a select 6 guests, Class of 1994’s Atif Haque, C/0 1999’s Sarah Sapp, C/O 2004’s Nate & Mattie, C/O 2009’s Joshua Lonthair, and finally, C/O 2014’s Monica Kala had a roundtable discussion about aspects of their life and how they were influenced by attending MSMS.




The event was hosted on Nissan Auditorium by Creative Movement and Music instructor, Mrs. Barham, who fielded the previous MSMS students several questions that were submitted from current juniors and seniors.

“There was some valuable information,” senior Chylar Gibson, but she also stated how she wished some of the incoming juniors could’ve heard some of the advice.

The panel also hit home for several of the panelists, and fellow students.

“My favorite part was when they talked about their happiest and saddest moments,” junior Gina Nguyen said.

She later commented that it felt reassuring to know that some of the alumni had struggled in a similar way to she had.

Fortunately, it wasn’t all tears from the alumni panel.

Joshua Lonthair and others made jokes about some of their experiences at MSMS, and some of the unexpected responses to the questions earned a laugh from the crowd.

When the alumni panel came to a close, the next event to continue Alumni Weekend was opening night for the Tales of the Crypt performances. (You can view the article on the Tales From the Crypt right here:)

Otherwise, there were trivia matches based on the history of MSMS,won by the Class of 2004; a lunch at Huck’s; “Brews and Bites,” sponsored by Lazy Magnolia; campus tours; and individual class meet-ups.