Weekly News Roundup 3/18/19

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Dr. William Rosenblatt graduated from MSMS with the Class of 2003.

Dr. Rosenblatt Discusses Medical Field:

On Tuesday, March 19, Dr. William Rosenblatt gave a lecture on his experience from working at Baptist Memorial Hospital, and completing his training at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Roseblatt spoke to current students and staff in coordination with the Future Physicians of America Club.

MSMS Summer Camp Begins Counselor Applications:

Also on Tuesday, March 19, several students of the 2019 and 2020 classes met with Mrs. Lauren Zarandona to prepare for the MSMS Math and Science Enrichment Camp that will take place during the summer. They filled out applications to become camp counselors during the camp, something Zarandona says is very challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

Courtesy of Janie Shields
Prospective juniors prepare to begin their interviews, placement tests, and essays.

Meet the New Juniors! Class of 2021 Tackles Interview Day:

Several Prospective Juniors met outside the front steps of Hooper to begin the next step in the admissions process. This had them taking a math-placement test, language-placement test, and of course, interviews with MSMS alumni. Parents were taken on tours during the event, and some of the current juniors became acquainted to the next group that would become a part of MSMS.



 Tennis)  MSMS Blue Waves VS South Pontotoc:

Overall Score: 4-3 MSMS took home another win in the scorebooks when facing off against South Pontotoc in a home match on Tuesday, March 19. A later match against Bruce was fully covered, and you can view the article here: You can also view the gallery below:



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