Zodiac Signs: What They do on Snowy days!

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Zodiac Signs: What They do on Snowy days!

Bryonie Mandal, Social Media Assistant

As the school year moves into the colder winter months, perhaps it is worthy to consider what the zodiac signs will be doing in case the dreary winter days turn into snow days.

The evening of December 31, Mars moved from imaginative Pisces into headstrong Aries, setting a raucous — yet highly motivated — tone for the start of 2019. Neither Venus nor Mars will be retrograde this year. After the summer of retrogrades, we survived in 2018, having two of our personal planets stay direct for all of 2019 will feel like a celestial vacation.

January 20 – February 18:
catches up on work or household tasks, or maybe even starts a new project

February 19 – March 20:
stays in bed the whole season

March 21 – April 19:
makes plans with friends; goes without a jacket

April 20 – May 20:
 snuggles up with blankets and books and a cup of hot cocoa

May 21 – June 20:
invites friends to go have a snowball fight

June 21 – July 22:
prefers cold and cloudy, so they can stay inside with family or a roommate

July 23 – August 22:
goes outside just to take pictures and show everyone a good time

August 23 – September 22:
layers up to go shovel off all the neighbors’ driveways

September 23 – October 22:
wants to spend time with only the closest friends, playing board games and having inside jokes

October 23 – November 21:
wants to go outside and enjoys the cold

November 22 – December 21:
too busy to even notice it’s cold

December 22 – January 19:
checks the weather app constantly while baking cookies for everyone

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