Cross Country Wraps It Up at Clinton State Meet


Elijah Dosda

Despite the Girl's Team arriving late to their race, they still decided to finish the season together.

Rachel Zheng, Copy Editor, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Hitesh Desai
That’s a wrap! Cross Country season ended at State Championships at Choctaw Trails.

The MSMS Cross Country team ran its last race of the season in the MHSAA 2A-4A-6A State Cross Country Championships in Clinton, Mississippi.

The team ran on the Choctaw Trails on the campus of Mississippi College.

Unlike the other meets, the girls arrived late to their race, missing it by a 15-minute margin. Despite the delay, they decided that they still wanted to run. Even though they knew that they could not receive times and scores, the girls ran with the guys in the 5k race. The late arrival, however, did not lower any spirits. In fact, its impact was the complete opposite.

“The meet didn’t go exactly as expected, but in some ways, it was better. Even though we had to run with the guys instead of the girls, we took the opportunity as a good thing. There was less pressure and we ran together,” explained junior Linda Arnoldus. “ I think it really helped us bond and enjoy the state meet instead of [us] being stressed and nervous.”  

Elijah Dosda
Reggie Zheng outcompetes a runner from Union High School.

Junior Hailey Desai and Senior Grace Anne Beech saw the experience in a positive light. The three girls pushed each other to the finish line, ending the race strong.

“We came in first [in our hearts]. I was very proud of us. It was a three-way tie; I think we put real effort to it,” said Beech.

As for the boys, Junior Elijah Dosda placed in the top 25 percent of the participants, finishing in with a time of 22:05. Seniors Michael Payne and Landon Alexander finished close together at 22:29 and 22:53, respectively. Dosda had an overwhelmingly positive view on the team’s performance and future.

“Despite these challenges, I believe we did our best and for the most part succeeded. I felt like I did really well in these new conditions,” Dosda said.

Junior Reggie Zheng learned some valuable life lessons during his cross-country journey.

Elijah Dosda
Aiden Leise finishes the last race of the season.

“Although I am not the fastest, cross country has taught me to push to the very end, no matter how hard it might seem. Even when I am exhausted and tired, I persevere because I know the feeling of crossing the finish line will be worth it all,” said Zheng.

Arnoldus has some advice for future juniors who want to join the team.

“Juniors who want to do cross country should do it! It is for anyone who wants to stay in shape and be part of a team,” said Arnoldus.

The juniors overall have a positive outlook on the future. With Hailey Desai and Arnoldus as co-captains for the girls and Aiden Leise and Dosda as co-captains for the guys, the 2019 cross-country team is in good hands. They look forward to the next season.

“I believe we have a good core group of people; the main goal for the future of our cross-country team should be to expand and retain more people throughout the course of the season. I’m excited for what the future holds,” Dosda said.