Black Eyed Peas Brings Light to Controversial Issues

Courtesy of @bep on Instagram

"Big Love" released on September 20.

Gina Nguyen, Photography Editor

After eight years, the iconic band Black Eyed Peas, otherwise known as BEP, made an influential comeback with not only a new song release but also an announcement of their first album since 2010. BEP released “Big Love” on September 20, 2018; this will be a part of their upcoming album “Masters of the Sun” to be released on October 12, 2018.

In the midst of today’s controversial issues, the trio tackles and brings light to topics such as drug addiction, gun violence, political corruption and immigration through their powerful lyrics and explicit music video while suggesting a simple solution: have “big love” for one another.

Courtesy of @apldeap on Instagram
(Left to right),, and Taboo begins the song by accurately describing “a day in a life of a kid in America,” conveying that the events shown in the video are realities that many children in America face. The video opens in a typical high school setting – a place where over 30 shootings in 2018 alone have occurred. Here, a student takes pills in between classes before he begins going around the school with what appears to be an assault rifle. This represents the “drugged up Americans” and the increasing rate of drug usage in the U.S. also mentions how even with the rise of mass shootings in America, many people still would rather keep their “right to bear arms” than taking steps to reduce them by abolishing the Second Amendment.

Gun violence continues to be a pressing issue that the federal government has yet to address. All three rappers have something to say about the actions – or rather lack thereof – that our political leaders are taking to change this. criticizes these leaders, describing his embarrassment of them and implying that they need to be shown how to better handle certain issues. As Taboo says, they are more motivated by wealth and power, and they only decide to take action when such power and influence are threatened. More seriously, clearly attacks the corrupt state of our government: “many people are dying, governments are lying. . .”

Halfway through the music video, the song itself repeats, but this time, the themes are applied to children being separated from their families. Various scenes depicting this include border patrolmen seizing immigrant refugees and holding them at gunpoint; the children are forced into and detained at detention camps.

BEP connects these two situations at the end of the music video: “They take kids away from their parents, but they don’t take guns away from kids.” Referring to the same political leaders, BEP emphasizes that their priorities are not where they should be. Rather than tearing apart these families and leaving the children helpless and not properly cared for, they should focus on matters that are literally causing Americans to die. The overarching message of the song, expressed through the chorus, is that by choosing to love, we as a society become united and gradually drive the violence away.

The proceeds of “Big Love” will benefit the student-led organization fighting for stricter gun control, March for Our Lives, and a protest against the Trump administration’s family separation policy, Families Belong Together. BEP encourages their audience to go vote, and be a voice for those who can’t because the future of the next generation depends on it.

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