Dear Mr. President

Millie Perdue, Guest Writer

It’s hard to imagine what affect
A thin sheet of melted sand can do.

Windows are so much in today’s world.
They separate the healthy and the sick,
The rich and the poor,
The lovers and murders.

How many windows does your tower have, sir?
How many panes decorate your house of white?
Do you even see the other side
Through your tinted eyes?

These clear barriers are clearly barriers
To equality
To love
And to happiness.

But you Mr. president,
As you sit upon your leather chair,
I can’t help but wonder if you really care.

All these windows built
For you to look
But you can’t be bothered to see.

You see through your twitter screen,
Through your money stream,
And through keeping America “free”
By making people leave

I see past the shiny glass
I see past the issues you won’t spare a glance
Mr. President if you could bother,
Open you eyes and try to look a bit harder