Out with the Old: Everyone’s First Week of School


Helen Peng

Juniors and seniors set out on the road ahead of them for the 2018-19 school year.

Timothy Lewis, Opinion Editor

A senior, Brady Suttles, and a junior, Gina Nguyen, recently sat down to discuss all of the things that happened during everyone’s first week of school.

Move-in Day

Gina: I’ve had experience on this campus before so many times, so I just felt excitement; it was just a really good feeling to be here.

Brady: I feel that just being here as a senior and seeing all your friends and how all of your classes are gonna be, I was just so excited and so excited to see everybody.  It was a cool experience to meet all the juniors too.

G: Even the emissaries’ attitudes changed when the rest of the seniors showed up, too.

B: Whenever I got here I was like “Who are these invaders” and like “Where are my seniors at?” you know?

Junior Orientation

B: I remember specifically meeting Ms. Alexander and I thought she was really nice.  I think that some of the things were really important like the suicide prevention things; orientation to me seemed a lot more relaxed this year compared to the junior orientation.  I did think it was handled pretty well this year.

G: It just dragged on and felt like it lasted forever.  It was cool meeting Ms. Alexander and all the activities the emissaries planned for us were really cool.  The suicide prevention Kahoot was pretty neat too.

Class Preview

G: It didn’t really feel different from my home school since we preview classes anyway.

B: Last year we just jumped into classes with a syllabus day.  This year I already had homework on the end of the first day.  I think as a senior it may not be as effective, but for the juniors I think it’s better since they can get a feel for where their classes are and how their day’s gonna be.

G: A lot of people talked about how they were afraid they were gonna be late for their first day since they didn’t know where their classes were.

Schedule Changes

G: I changed my schedule yesterday, yeah.  Ms. Bates kind of struggled to change my schedule since all of my classes were kind of wonky and it was a struggle to fit classes where I wanted them to.

B: I actually ended up with a schedule that had every class I wanted so I didn’t really have to get a schedule change.

Back-to-School Dance

G: That was wild.  I didn’t expect it to be like that.  It was really good.

B: I think it was the best dance I’ve been to since I’ve been here.  Mia did a really good job DJing.

Ceremony of Lights

G: I thought it was pretty good from my perspective.

B: I know for ceremony this year for me it was very different, like it was a different perspective as opposed to last year where I was really tense and timid.  This year I went into it like “this is really just a thing for the juniors” and to kick off their year.  Something hit me during the Ceremony that next year the juniors are gonna be seniors and we’re gonna be gone.  Our seniors being there really kind of hit me; it’s so different now.

G: I liked Hayden’s the best and hearing her speak was really nice.


G: It’s not like the material was hard or anything, it was just like the material was so overwhelming and there was so much of it.  I wasn’t used to my classes taking an hour either; it’s just an adjustment to the new schedule.  I’m okay now though, I think the material will get hard, but I’ll get used to it and be able to manage my time easier.

B: Maybe it’s because I’m a senior but I’ve tried to just not stress from my classes and I haven’t had my first essay due yet.

Overall First Week

B: I really am enjoying it here a lot and like I really do like the junior class. Y’all are pretty cool.  So, like, I’m really excited to see what we have in store for this year.

G: I agree with that. I’m like really excited to start the journey this year and become a part of the MSMS family.