Top MSMS Traditions: A Guide for Juniors


Helen Peng

MSMS is excited to announce that the dorms starting in the fall of 2019 will be co-ed.

Alexz Carpenter, Social Media Editor

As a public residential high school, MSMS definitely doesn’t live up to its ‘all work no play’ stereotype. If you walk through the halls of Hooper and even through the residential halls, you’ll see that MSMS is clearly unique—not only in terms of its students, faculty and staff, but also through unique traditions. One of the things that makes MSMS unique is the bonds that people on campus form with each other. The MSMS community is full of fun events that allow students to make lasting memories with the people that they will remember forever. Here is a list of some of those traditions that many classes have enjoyed together over the years:

·       Fancy Friday

o  Walk up the steps of Hooper or into the residence halls on any given Friday and strangers may be surprised by the masses of well-dressed students adorning campus. Every Friday, students dress their best (or something close to it). Perhaps an extension of TGIF, Fancy Friday allows students to show their excitement for the weekend and take fun pictures with friends.

·       Jam Sessions

o   Students during the weekends at MSMS love to host jam sessions for all the music lovers. Find students with their instruments (or voices) at the pavilion for a night of singing and lasting memories with their friends.

·       Secret Pals

o   Students are given another person’s name in another grade by the senior class secretary. Throughout the semester, the secret pal gets gifts for their assigned pal. This improves students’ days and encourages students to brighten the lives of the people that they live with.

·       Exam Snacks

o   At the end of each semester the PLUS parents host a gathering for the students during exam week and prepares a feast-like snack for the students. This is a great way for the students to destress after and before the exams start.

·       Senior Tribute

o   To commemorate the last graduating class, the senior class hosts a program for them to attend in the spring. They put on a collection of skits that represent their seniors and the memories that they have of them. The junior class will play their grand seniors based on who they are most like.  A dance is held afterwards, which allows the junior class to meet some of their grand seniors.

·       Tacky Tiki 

o   This is one of the last events of the year put on by the residential staff. This event is full of food, games, and fun. One of the fun things at this event is the wait is finally over of discovering who was each other’s secret pals. Students relax and make some of their last fun memories with their seniors.

·       Wednesday Night Door Prizes  

o   Even though tutorials are held every weekday, Wednesday is a special night for the students. At the end of tutorials each student who is there puts their name on a slip of paper that is selected by Dr. Morgan, Dr. Easterling, Mr.Yarborough, or Dr. Odom. They usually put on some type of show and give gifts to a few students that are selected from the box of names.

·       Halloween Dorm Trick or Treating 

o    Every year around Halloween, the boys’ and girls’ decorate each floor and enter a competition to see who decorated the best. For the only time during the year, the girls go  into the boys’ dorm to Trick or Treat and vice versa. This is a great event that makes MSMS feel like a community.

·       Opening Convocation and Honors Convocation

o   At the beginning and the end of the year, administration hosts programs that welcomes students back and also says goodbye. Opening convocation is where administration tries to inspire students for the year, and Honors convocations recognizes the students for what the achieved, focusing on the seniors.