MSMS Students Paint Stepping Stones for Earth Day

Elisabeth Seage, Multimedia Editor

While most Friday afternoons MSMS students can be found relaxing in their dorms after a hard week of Trig tests and Chem quizzes and such, many students instead relaxed outside painting with their friends. This Earth week, along with fun activities and informative sessions, SEAL planted a garden outside of Hooper, and encouraged students to come out and help paint stepping stones that will be outside Hooper.

Abby Strain, President of Seal, believes that the stepping stones outside of Hooper will improve students’ experiences at MSMS.

“We’re going to put the stepping stones that we painted in this garden that were replanting in hooper tomorrow, which will be pretty and make MSMS better”

But what they are doing is much more important than improving MSMS students’ experiences, but also helping the Earth as a whole. When reflecting on Earth day, strain stresses the importance of the week.

“Earth day is obviously really important because environmental justice is something that is a big deal and not talked about enough and Earth day brings a lot of attention to that”

Junior Taylor Wypiski, an officer of SEAL, also shares the same feelings as Strain about earth day.

”Earth day is just a day where we can all come together and sometimes we do bad things that make it not a great place to live in. We can evaluate that and do better next time. In the great words of our president, ‘Be less terrible’”

While students participate in a fun event to get outside and help the school community, they also are helping plant the seeds to create a more environmentally friendly campus.