Orientation Week Kicks off School Year


Caleb Youngblood

Ice cream and karaoke night unites students through sweet treats and singing.

Sophie Hines, Editor-at-Large

On Aug. 6, cars full of excited juniors rolled into campus marking the beginning of the MSMS 2022-2023 school year. The first event of the year? Orientation week. This week, packed with activities and information, hopes to prepare everyone for the upcoming school year and to encourage them to socialize and bond with their classmates. Each day featured various information sessions, with activities later at night.  

Kicking the week off with junior move-in, emissaries — MSMS’ student ambassadors — worked hard to ensure each family registered and each junior got their belongings from their cars to their dorm rooms as efficiently as possible.  

Emissaries meet early in Goen Lobby to prepare for Junior move-in. Pictured, from left to right, are Nora Courtney, Luke Hollingsworth, Hilldana Tibebu and Madison Echols. (Photo by Kadi Van)

“Move-in day was chaotic,” emissary Lauren Varner said. “I raced up and down stairs, grabbing belongings out of carts and frantically moving them into rooms, only half remembering to stay hydrated. I’d leave my lunch unattended to go help out, but in the end, it was worth it because I got to meet some really nice parents and students.” 

After a hard day of work and getting settled in, juniors got their first introduction to their assigned emissary groups and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  

Seniors spent the next morning moving in, while juniors and their emissary groups went to various orientation seminars. Later in the day, all students participated in a karaoke night and ice cream social in Hogarth Auditorium. It featured various performances, from “Love Story” by Taylor Swift to “Industry Baby” by Lil Nas X. 

“I was pretty anxious but super excited at the same time for my turn to come up. The crowd was awesome; they sang along with me, and lots of people told me how good I did. Overall, I would rate the experience a 9 out of 10,” said junior Annadele Beckman, who performed “Fireflies” by Owl City. 

The next day, students and faculty started the day bright and early with Opening Convocation in Nissan Auditorium. That night, the seniors participated in the annual Senior Skate Night at the local roller rink, while juniors had a game night in Hogarth.  

Seniors celebrate the new school year with skating trip. Pictured, from left to right, are Madison Echols, Lexi Holdiness, Hilldana Tibebu and Addie White. (Photo by LaToya Bledsoe)

Tuesday was the first day of classes, shortened for after-school orientation sessions. MSMS Student Affairs led the students in an evening game of bingo. There were a variety of prizes offered to the winners. The students sat in the Hogarth W Room playing rounds of bingo, and one round featured blackout bingo in which students could use all nine of their bingo cards. Winners of each round were offered various prizes from DoorDash gift cards to packs of chips.

“Bingo night was a really great way to bring the MSMS community together competitively,” said junior Mackenzie McCleod, who won a Fruit Loops cereal variety pack.  

Winners from Bingo pose with prizes. (Photo by Kadi Van)

On Wednesday, the juniors went to the Junior Picnic at the Columbus Lock and Dam, while the seniors enjoyed their free time after classes. 

The next day, Tales from the Crypt students took their first trip to the Columbus Lowndes Public Library. Later, local religious organizations set up in the Hogarth W Room for the Communities of Faith Meeting, letting students see their options for worship in Columbus. The day ended with the Late-night Screen on the Green outdoor movie, where students watched “Black Panther” behind PAC.

On Friday, both students and faculty participated in MSMS Got Talent in Rent Auditorium, which featured performances from individual students, NAACH club and even Dr. Clear Moore, director of academic affairs. Dr. Moore employed student helpers for a martial arts demonstration:

Dr. Moore preforms at MSMS Got Talent. (Photo by Madison Echols )

She broke boards with hate and stress written on them to represent the positive environment she wants to create with the new students. 

On Saturday, students participated in the Color Run near Pohl Gym and a Glow dance party behind the dorms later that night.  

Orientation week finally ended with the Ceremony of Lights in Rent Auditorium, welcoming juniors to the MSMS family and allowing them to become a piece of the puzzle. Through orientation week, the students were exposed to pertinent information that might make the transition to MSMS easier.