Soccer season ends after St. Andrew’s match leaves players to reflect on experiences


Courtesy of Tucker Jaudon

Members of the boys’ soccer team discuss plays on the sidelines.

J.D. Hagood, Staff Writer

Following a supportive send-off from the students of MSMS on Jan. 25, the boys’ soccer team made the long drive to Ridgeland to play against St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in the playoffs. This was only the second year in a row that MSMS made it to the playoffs after an eight-year drought.

“It all comes down to the amount of effort our team has been willing to put in,” said junior team captain Aaron Sharp. “The seniors did a great job leading the team. The captains did a great job. Everyone just played really well. It showed on the field.”

Leading up to the St. Andrew’s game, MSMS played against Booneville High School on Jan. 22. This resulted in a 3-1 victory for the boys’ team and 1-3 loss for the girls’ team. The game played against St. Andrew’s was a 0-7 mercy rule loss for the boys’ soccer team. This put an end to the Blue Waves’ soccer season.

“We didn’t have high expectations for the outcome of the match, but we knew that we could play a good game if we really put our all into it,” said senior Raeed Kabir, “and that is exactly what happened. We tried our hardest. I don’t think that mercy rule loss diminishes from the fact that we had probably one of the best records in MSMS soccer history.”

This end of the season has left many to reflect on how their time in soccer shaped their MSMS experience.

“Soccer has helped me get to know the student body and make friends,” said junior Issac Riggins. “It has also helped me to manage my time better.”

Similar sentiments were shared by other players. Sharp added, “The soccer team really became a family… it’s really wholesome.”

“Soccer is a way for people to find an outlet — get away from school for a bit and just take their mind off everything,” said junior Sawyer Levenson.

“I’m grateful I did soccer,” said junior Gordon Welch. “It was a good experience to keep me in shape and become friends with a lot of people who I wouldn’t have otherwise.”