MSMS students attend QuestBridge interest meeting

MSMS students ready their applications for QuestBridge, in hopes that the program can help them cover college tution.

Courtesy of QuestBridge

MSMS students ready their applications for QuestBridge, in hopes that the program can help them cover college tution.

Maurisha Arnold, Staff Writer

Students interested in QuestBridge’s College Match service met with Dr. Stevens on Wednesday, Aug. 25, in Hooper Auditorium to discuss their futures with the program. Many of the students are taking advantage of this opportunity despite strange circumstances caused by COVID-19.

Many opportunities exist for students to earn non-traditional college financial aid, and QuestBridge is one of them. Founded in 1994, QuestBridge’s mission is to support students from low-income families who have demonstrated that they are able to succeed in college by making sure they get there.

This program allows students to rank up to 12 colleges through a binding system. The scholarship covers the full cost of attendance for each college, including tuition, room and board, travel expenses and books and supplies.

Danielle Ryans and Jacob McGee, both seniors, are already working hard on their planning.

“I did the CPP (College Prep Program), so most of the groundwork is already done. I just need to revamp my essays,” Ryans said.

McGee added, “I’m going to revamp my essays with the work experience I got at a clinic over the summer.”

Throughout the next few weeks, the students applying through this rigorous program will be working hard on their applications. QuestBridge has a binding system, which means if you are accepted to any college on your list, you are obligated to go.

“The binding part kind of scares me in one aspect, but it also gives me a sense of relief in another,” McGee said.

Many students are deterred from applying to QuestBridge because of its binding admission, but Ryans has a plan.

“I don’t have many worries because I’m still gonna apply to most of the colleges that I rank on my list even if I do not get QuestBridge,” Ryans said. 

Amidst all the worries, students still have a positive outlook.

“They have an awesome community network, like the different partner colleges, for the people in the QuestBridge program. Even if you do not become a finalist or match, you get to be in a community of QuestBridge people,” Ryans said. “You get to talk about similar stories because we all come from similar backgrounds.”